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Whether you are passionate about helping your community or want to make systemic change on the country's biggest issues, we're here to help.

We all deserve agency
to shape our future.
We began like everything, as a conversation between like minds. We knew that we're only as powerful as our power is strategically directed. We knew that change only happens when ordinary people rise as champions in the most crucial moments. Could we help? Lend our expertise? Help lift you up as you rise? We were born of hope. Hope that we can build a better future. Together.
Tap in to our Engine
to champion your passion.
With the use of big data, relationships, and expertise, Champion helps you make an impact in a way that easily fits into your budget and lifestyle. Our services are anchored by our Campaign Prioritization Engine (the Engine). The Engine identifies the places where the biggest changes can and must happen, the policies that can make the most impact, slates of policymakers who can make the change, and the people leading organizations who can push local victories over the line. We use data science to predict the likely outcomes and give you the best chance of winning.
We work with experts in the field and use surveys to select candidates in tight races where your issues are on the ballot and every dollar matters. We recommend organizations that use proven techniques to drive social change.


Serving up a
solid win-win
for donors,
and candidates.


Donors Small & Large

Small donors get access to well-packaged and well-vetted slates of candidates and organizations who will make the biggest impact on the issues that you care about: climate, democracy, reproductive justice, and human rights through a frictionless giving portal.


Candidates can better get the support and capital they need to run and win. CHAMPION provides candidates whose values align with our clients' values to create create a profile and fundraising page through our web platform.


501(c)(3)s & Foundations

CHAMPION provides 501(c)(3)s and private foundations with research services, such as nonpartisan candidate surveys and research into civic engagement opportunities. Our work surfaces the places where the biggest changes can happen, the policies that can make the most impact, the policymakers who can make the change, and the people and organizations that can make the biggest difference.

501(c)(4)s &

CHAMPION provides 501(c)(4)s and PACs similar policy-related research as 501(c)(3)s, plus curated slates of candidates for their campaigns, candidate surveys to promote policy objectives, and shared movement building activities.

A Diversified Approach


Champion Education Fund

Champion Education Fund is a collective impact fund housed at Amalgamated Foundation that provides strategic research and public education to accelerate the work of charitable organizations, private foundations, and members of the public to drive change on the local, state, and national level. 

Support Champion’s 501(c)(3) work to research how individuals can effectively engage in democracy, facilitate nonpartisan candidate surveys, & educate people on where policymakers stand on critical issues.


Champion Action Fund

Champion Action Fund is a collective impact fund housed at Amalgamated Foundation’s sister 501(c)(4) fund–Organize Collective Action Fund–that promotes progressive policy ideas from strengthening democracy to deploying climate solutions.

Support Champion’s 501(c)(4) work to promote progressive local policy ideas at scale across the country and to build a movement of Champions.

This isn't business as usual

Champion Strategies is a public benefit limited liability company that provides philanthropic and political advisory services. As a benefit company, we prioritize high environmental and social standards, benefiting and engaging stakeholders, and transparency. As a philanthropic advisor, we work for the Champion Education Fund and Champion Action Fund to ensure that each fund–and all of our partners including you–succeed in making change.  
Join as a member, and you’ll be able to vote on officers of Champion, and have your voice heard in our future plans.


Anyone can join.
Sign up and get started. 

It doesn't take much effort to Champion the issues you care about. Sign up and we'll prompt you with information about the highest leverage ways you can give today.