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Davante Lewis and Louisiana's Dec 10th Runoff

In the December 2022 Louisiana PSC election, Davante Lewis is squaring off against incumbent Lambert Boissiere in a runoff election. The Louisiana PSC oversees electric and gas utilities, natural gas pipelines, telecommunications, and more. The commission is currently made up of three commissioners who favor expanded dependence on fossil fuels and two commissioners who favor clean energy. If elected, Davante Lewis will be a strong voice for clean energy, consumers, and working families in Louisiana.

Today, Bill McKibben took to social media to support Davante Lewis for Louisiana's PSC.

The Faceoff: Davante Lewis vs. Lambert Boissiere III

The Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) oversees electric and gas utilities, natural gas pipelines, telecommunications, and more. The PSC is made up of five commissioners who each serve six-year terms. Currently, three commissioners favor expanded dependence on fossil fuels and two commissioners favor clean energy. The December 2022 election is important because it has the potential to shift the majority to pro-climate action.

Lambert Boissiere III is the chair of the Louisiana PSC. Under his leadership, Louisiana ranks 48th out of 50 for clean energy production in the United States. While the PSC has recently approved some solar projects, Louisiana's 4% clean energy is a far cry from the state's goal of 100% clean energy by 2035. The race comes at a time that natural gas prices are driving up electric bills in a state heavily dependent on gas and that has some of the highest consumer electric bills in the country.

Davante Lewis believes in renewable energy and taking action on climate change. Lewis is an experienced advocate for voting rights, consumer rights, and committed to making sure that all Louisianans have access to quality, affordable utilities and services.

In a candidate survey distributed by the Power Coalition, Lewis stated "As a Public Service Commissioner, I will work to enforce a Ratepayers’ Bill of Rights to limit service disconnections, provide a fixed billing system for senior citizens, ban excessive late fees and strengthen the cap on the maximum profit that investor owned utilities companies can extract from their customers."

Regarding renewable energy, Davante Lewis answered: "Embracing renewable energy - particularly solar and wind - would not only help to combat further climate change, but would also bring down costs for ratepayers and reduce pollution in our air and water. Incentivizing these energy sources would give Louisiana the opportunity to create a New Energy Economy, with high-paying, union jobs. As such, the PSC should be taking steps towards adopting a statewide renewable portfolio standard for all Louisiana utilities. This standard should set goals for the state to eliminate utility-based carbon emissions by 2035, in line with Louisiana’s Climate Action Plan."

Due to Davante's commitment to climate change, Mark Ruffalo has publicly urged people to support him with contributions.


Donating to Louisiana Public Service Commission Candidates

As of November, 2022, Louisiana law allows Federal PACs, LLCs, LLPs, C4s, companies, unions, and individuals to give up to $5,000 to Public Service Commission races, including runoff races.

Donors can give to Davante Lewis here.